Friday 9 August 2013


Our village has remained largely unchanged for decades. However, we move away for a few short weeks and all hell breaks loose. The Nisa store has morphed into Londis and the Co-0p supermarket opted for a major re-vamp, so my usual flying visits take longer as I stalk the shelves finding the new locations for essentials. Very frustrating. I visited my GP this morning to update my pills and potions list for future prescription orders. Having spoken to my new, very supportive epilepsy support nurse yesterday I have been told to space -out taking my anti-seizure pills 12 hourly and only after food, something my previous non-support nurse in London omitted to mention over several months. Kepra induces extreme tiredness, which again was news to me but not a surprise, given my condition over recent weeks. Attempting to put a positive spin on things to up my mood is showing positive results already and I have decided an early return to the boat will be a bonus so I'll let Eddie know the repairs need to be completed this weekend. Our car is in for a service and MOT today, which should ensure it is ok for another 6 months or so, depending on our boat useage regime.
One thing remains constant. My faithful old rhino is still here to greet me each morning. It is slightly more exotic, but quieter than the boat dawn chorus I have now grown accustomed to 
My positive regime continues apace and I have already fixed the continuously running downstairs cistern, but have made way for a more expert head regarding the similarly performing upstairs one as the design is more high-tech and from China apparently. I don't do high-tech.

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