Saturday 10 August 2013


We were reunited with Tardis Two this afternoon. The escape hatches have been sealed, the mushrooms lowered and the electrics sorted. The fault turned out to be the bow thruster battery charger using heavy ampage at night. This has been cured by the fitting of an extra switch near the front escape hatch steps which we now need to switch off once we finish cruising for the day and remember to switch on again the next morning. Us switching the inverter off at night and back on in the morning inadvertently and temporarily cured the problem so we just have to change switches for the electrics to work as they should. It is good to be back aboard. Tomorrow we aim to set sail for Llangollen in North Wales where it generally rains, but we shall see. At least it will test the new seals. The cats almost seemed pleased to see the boat as mousing memories streamed back. The other noticeable improvement is the lack of a starboard lean. Eddie told me he had adjusted my ballast but I never felt a thing. We had one of our epic Sainsbury shopping sprees but it all somehow fitted somewhere on the boat, prior to yet another guided tour for two gongoozler children and parents.

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