Wednesday 28 August 2013

Gayton Brook more perfection

Got up at 10.30 am .peaceful night. Walked back to the village for fresh eggs. (No one in or hens on strike. 2nd visit necessary).Gatton Brook is a beautiful village. Picture postcard stuff? This perfection lark is quite enjoyable even if it took its time to arrive. Overcast today but we need to top-up with water and sort out the ablutions, with facilities a few hours away according to our Pearson's guide. a project for the afternoon?
The pm project was completed successfully, as was a blissfully relaxing cruise and several locks. We moored for tonight at Stone in bright sunshine. We never did get our fresh eggs. The chickens had, indeed gone on strike. Typical of our luck. Pudding tonight will be blackberries( from thr canal bank) apples ( from Morrisons) and strawberries ( from M&S). We know how to live,us oldies.
The further north it goes, the more beautiful the Trent and Mersey canal gets, although it pains me to say so.

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