Wednesday 7 August 2013

Leicester General hospital

My tour of local hospitals continues today with a trip to see my consultant for a general check-up on my head, which should prove interesting. I'm having one of those loose brain in head days, not aching, but strange all the same. at present I am attempting to tame the garden by belatedly pruning forsythia, pyracantha and other shrubs threatening to replace the Brazilian rain forests. Luckily it is dustbin day so we should avoid a trip to the tip in addition to other duties planned. It is all rush and tear this retirement. How did we find time to work? Lynne's long-lost Dyson parts arrived today, thankfully. They have the world's first no loss of suction cleaner, the world's fastest hand driers and the world's most tortuous parts delivery system, but I suppose two out of three is a reasonable result overall. The sun and the garden are beckoning so it is back to the grindstone I suppose.

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