Sunday 11 August 2013

Surely not two forward and one back again?

Following our return aboard and our euphoria regarding finally having a boat that works the same electrical problem appears to remain, albeit in a different format. There was insufficient power to fire-up the diesel water heater this morning so Lynne has driven home for a shower and some left-behind items, returning again later. we'll give the whole shooting match another practical test before passing final judgement. An engineers report beckons I think. But , in fairness  I would prefer to avoid more hassle, expense And stress if at all possible, but the ball is once again firmly in their court and, as previously stated, I remain waiting for a winning shot.Today has started sunny with a cool breeze but we do not expect to leave the marina until at least early afternoon.
Lynne's early afternoon return signalled our departure from Stensen yet again. In the past I have slagged-off the Trent and Mersey canal as nothing special, but travelling along it for the umpteenth time has softened my heart ( or my head, but more on that later) as it was almost pretty in places. I had lots of mini-fits yesterday and lots more today, to the extent I had no recollection of us cruising through Willington or Burton. I was literally out of my head, or off the planet, you choose. Luckily Lynne was steering at the time. we have eventually moored somewhere between the Coors and Marstons breweries, not for the first time but it is a convenient 3 hours gentle cruising from Stensen, honest. I can live with fits ( I lie) but out-of-my-headednessI am unsure about
The Tardis Two throttle works well again and the alternator belt is no longer slipping, so the battery charging rate should have improved. All good news.

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