Wednesday 21 August 2013


Boiler fixed within 2 minutes of engineer arriving this morning. He was surprised we had not been told he could not make yesterday's appointment . The fault was in the electronic timer, which he replaced. We now have a hot water supply and central heating as and when required. But in addition we also have a direct phone link to a boat boiler expert who knows us and our boat should we ever need it.
We now need a similar bow-thruster expert. One was scheduled to arrive today but I suspect it will not happen as Tardis Two will need to be removed from the water and no arrangements appear to have been made yet. However, the boat is useable without bow- thrusters so we could move if necessary.
The boiler engineer gave lots of useful boating advice without b*lls**t, which we will take onboard (sorry) and was much appreciated. Our boating knowledge is growing by the day. Crossing the English Channel will be a doddle by the time we get round to it.
Healthwise today is much better, partly due to the light at the end of the marina getting brighter I suspect.
By late afternoon we were informed the bow-thruster engineer will be here 0900 hrs tomorrow, which again boosted our mood.

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