Thursday 8 August 2013

Wardrobe malfunction.

Living with one foot on land and the other on water throws up wardrobe issues not previously considered. This morning whilst attempting to get dressed for my dental appointment finding the right clothes, or even socks, proved problematical. Half my limited wardrobe is on Tardis Two and the remainder in the house or cases, except each of matching halves seem to have parted company. Eventually we should get to the stage when virtually everything clothing -wise can be transferred en-mass without the risk of future wardrobe malfunctions. Roll on. The dentist confirmed replacing my crunchy filling will need a longer appointment to book cement mixers etc. and therefore Lynne has craftily booked another appointment on the same date, but different time, as my next brain scan to minimise time off Tardis Two and hopefully retain some wardrobe control.  Yesterday was not good health-wise, (mentally-not physically) but today is better so far. Coping with consultants I find very stressful. It is what they carefully avoid telling you that I think causes more stress than being honest would. I feel like a ping-pong ball and seem to be forever waiting for the winning shot which never looks like being struck. A bit like watching Arsenal really. Today is sunny and warm so I'm off for a walk, but doubt if I'll make Old John this trip.
As predicted I opted for the shorter and easier destination of Castle Hill Country Park, a kind of clear my head and sort out my thoughts route. Realising I am slipping back into depression and a change of mind-set is required I arrived home to be confronted by Lynne with a few home-truths about the same subject. We're both in this together, something easy to lose sight of in the dark and dingy depths of life. I have opted to attempt a more positive attitude by avoidance of relying on other factors to improve what is left of my life. We are all born and we all die. It is what we do with the bit in between that makes all the difference. No one else gives a ---- so why wait for them to make a decision for you?

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