Sunday 25 August 2013

Faults, what faults?

Moored on the River Trent, luckily next to a qualified boat electrician. He appeared from his  boat to help us moor ours like a vision from a hollywood movie, wearing nothing but a towel and a smile, Lynne noticed the former, I noticed the latter. Later, fully clothed, he explained the electrical workings of boats in language we both understood. Having accepted there remains a fault with our boat electrics ( The Stensen "electrician" ?) we must now learn to live with it until we can prove what it is and get someone to fix it. We are now well on the way to doing that.
The cats are already back in their old mousing routines.
Healthwise, things are on the up. No fits for a while now but a few new rashes to contend with, plus the tiredness. I am still struggling to manage my blood sugar levels but they remain a work in progress.
My leg bulletin wound looks much better but for some unknown reason ached all day, until joined by a new one a few inches higher up the same leg, attacked in an identical fashion by the same windlass. Lots of blood but much less swearing this time. My fault entirely. A decision on stitches will be made later.This disaster happened at Fradley Junction,a haven for gongoozlers but all missed it fortunately.

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