Monday 5 August 2013

Electric and other problems update

Busy morning at Stensen. A day-boat booking had been "mislaid", the bunch of hiree's were ready and waiting but the boat was not cleaned or filled with diesel. The diesel pump has packed-up and the day boat roof leaks (sound familiar?) so all was in panic mode as I approached the office first thing Monday morning. Eddie was his usual laid-back self and explained the investigation procedures necessary to trace our electric "leak", which he acknowledges obviously does exist. However, the boat launched after ours is already back in the workshop and the owner insists he will be leaving Thursday so the space will be ours from Wednesday, which suits us and our hospital appointments. I have also asked Eddie to review Tardis Two original spec/price and detail any revisions agreed since,  in the hope of solving the on-going double glazing mystery. I also added to the  fault list the bilge pump does not appear to be working . The pit-bull was on tranquillisers I think but rude non-the-less.

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