Monday 19 August 2013


All this hanging around waiting for something to happen (anything to happen) is nerve-shattering  and doing nothing to improve my state of mind. A bright and sunny Monday morning, eerily quiet. I have a hospital appointment this afternoon which gives an excuse to escape. Remember the ending of "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" where the Native American Indian threw a sink through the window and all the inmates walked out? This afternoon could be like that. I was wondering what I could do with the anchor and chain purchased for the Thames trip,but fortunately unused to date.
We escaped early afternoon without using the anchor. My new tumour support nurse is everything the previous one should have been.....supportive and extremely positive. As a result I left our meeting feeling a million miles tall and with positive vibes literally forming a halo above me. I now have an appointment at a specialist neurology hospital in Nottingham where they will establish if my quality of life could be improved by an operation on a specific area of my brain. Present evidence suggests they know which lobe of my brain is worst affected by the tumour so with another scan or two they should know if anything can be done....all positive stuff. In the meantime I have yet another drug to try to hopefully eliminate my current mini-fits/vacant moments and overall sleepiness. I also have direct contact with my new support nurse 24/7.  We now consider we may have been short-changed by my London hospital, part of the post-code NHS lottery? 
A positive end to the day.

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