Friday 16 August 2013

Breaking point

Continuous heavy rain overnight but no obvious signs of leakage ( on the boat, at least)it is still precipitating now as I write very early in the morning. Not a good night for sleeping- too much going on. Breaking point appears to have been reached. Over 4 months since launch Tardis Two remains an unfinished article, or rather an unliveable-on article, with seemingly little prospect of  being so within the foreseeable future, which now includes the winter. One beautiful summer wasted, so much frustration, heartache,stress, expense. Where to go from here? Legal action will only extend the issues and rectification period but would do little to restore confidence or financial losses and lift the mood, which at the moment is extremely low, so whatever I write now will need careful review and refining later. I have reached breaking point and can't put it any plainer than that. How that feeling will manifest itself remains to be seen but I need to be careful and a few things need to go my way today. 

Tardis Two has been out of the water yet again and it turns out the bow thruster propeller has gone, although the shear pin remains intact, which is mysterious, as that, by design, should have gone prior,a bit like an electrical fuse really. The bow thruster makers have told us they now make a stronger four bladed prop specially to cope with some of the notorious canal crap/debris, but when I told Eddie this gem of information it led to a "lets throw all the toys out of the pram"moment and the news was ignored, so I guess we're going to get the same replacement prop anyway. Incidentally the "new" prop is almost half the price. By mid afternoon the new boiler has been fitted but still fails to work, as previously. A "fitter"will give it a check-over next Tuesday apparently but in the meantime an immersion heater has been wired-in for a hot water supply whilst we are mains connected. Paul has promised to check-over the electrics this afternoon. It really is like watching paint dry.
We are off on another "clear head walk" in a minute.
Maisie, our adopted terrier must think all her birthdays have arrived at once, bless her, but she is always keen to go. The country air, ripe corn waving in the breeze and a bit of sunshine works like a Brillo pad on the brain but with less abrasion. I am in a better place now, as is Lynne. The anger and frustration is gradually being replaced with sheer determination to see this all through to a happier ending, come what may. Don't let the b*r*tar*s grind you down being the theme of the day. Whether the electrics have been checked we will not know till morning, I suspect.

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